Brandi Rubeck, Zookeeper

Speaking with visitors is a daily, and important, duty for zookeepers like me. I have had countless conversations with visitors since I started working at Chehaw. Some are planned, like at our weekend keeper talks and shows, but many are impromptu when I happen to see someone while going about my other duties. Many occur at the annual Native American Festival while manning the zookeepers conservation booth where we sell small items to raise money for Chehaw's Conservation Fund. While at the booth, there are always individuals who desire to donate without purchasing an item. These incidents, as well as all of the other numerous conversations I have had with individuals and families, have inspired me to wonder about our visitors habits regarding conservation. Not only whether they are donating to conservation efforts or not, but if they practice conservation in their daily lives, and if they don’t do these things- why not?

I am enrolled in a course given by Miami University of Ohio through their Project Dragonfly program. This course has given me the motivation to design a project to find out the answers to the questions I've been wondering about.

I created a very brief survey, it should take 5 minutes or less, to find the answers to my questions. By taking the survey, you will be helping me with my project, while also helping me guide future conversations with Zoo visitors. Thank you for your help!