Chehaw hosts a variety of events throughout the year. From Conservation Lecture Series to music concerts, fundraisers to cornhole tournaments: there is a Chehaw event for everyone!

Oct. 18- Traditional Skills Gathering at Chehaw

Chehaw's Traditional Skills Gathering is an extended weekend with experienced instructors teaching traditional primitive skills used by Native Peoples around the world.

Skills taught might  include flintknapping, fire by friction, cordage, bone tools, bows and arrows, atlatls and darts, blowguns, edible and medicinal plants, shelter, fishing technologies, traps and snares, basketry, pottery, brain-tan buckskin, twined bags, finger weaving, and more! 

Primitive Camping, breakfast, and lunch included with fee. 

if registered by Oct. 1
$175 for ages 16+
$105 for ages 12-15
$75 for ages 5-11

if registered after Oct. 1
$195 for ages 16+
$120 for ages 12-15
$85 for ages 5-11

To register:

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