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Vendor Guidelines

Please view our vendor guidelines below:

  • Food Vendors: Non-profit organizations will be given first priority, but we will also consider professional vendors to fill available space, and/or for variety. All food vendors, including gourmet, must have a current license and must post a copy of license in their booth. General liability is required, and a copy must be sent to our office after application acceptance. Chehaw Park may also need to be named as Additional Insured, if applicable. 
  • Applications may be submitted electronically or mailed via USPS.
  • There are no application fees
  • Applications selected will receive notification of acceptance via email. Contracts will be sent at time of acceptance. Send no money with application.
  • Person named in contract must be present both full days of the event.
  • Arts and Craft items offered for sale must be made by the applicant.
  • Original art must meet or exceed 50% of offering. Prints are permitted, but may not exceed 50% of offering.
  • General liability is required for all children's activities. Chehaw Park must be named as Additional Insured, and a copy must be sent to our office after application acceptance.
  • 4 photographs will be required. Please send to Friends@chehaw.org. We reserve the right to use for event advertising. Additional photos may be requested before approval during jury process.
    • One photo of applicant working on art or craft. Must include applicant and work in progress.
    • Two close up photos of products to be sold
    • One close up photo of booth, as will be displayed.

Additional Information

  • The event will be held on grassy/dirt areas under or near trees. The grounds may be uneven. Booth price $100. Electricity is limited, but can be provided if possible.
  • Sell only the juried items listed in your Contract.
  • Each exhibitor is responsible for collecting, and reporting 8% sales tax to Georgia State Revenue Commission
  • Tents may not have guy lines. All tents must be securely weighted.
  • Tent size is as needed within reason.
  • Display tables must be covered/skirted.
  • Discounted, marked down, or reduced signs will not be allowed.
  • Unload/Load booth items during set-up and after closing
  • RV parking is limited, but available. Reservation requests can be made on your Contract.
  • Overnight security will be provided
  • Exhibitors are to provide all display props, lights, tables, chairs, tools and equipment necessary to assemble booth.
  • Pets must be kept away from the public. Under no circumstances can you let the public pet them. This is for everyone's safety. Please keep in a kennel or on a 6 ft. maximum leash.

Interested in becoming a vendor? If so, fill out our Vendor Application.

Muckalee Creek Arts & Crafts Show