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Vendor Guidelines

Please view our vendor guidelines below:

  • Commercial retail (buy/sell) businesses are not allowed.
  • Food Vendors: Non-profit organizations will be given first priority, but we will also consider professional vendors to fill available space, and/or for variety. All food vendors, including gourmet, must have a current license and must post a copy of license in their booth. General liability is required, and a copy must be sent to our office after application acceptance. Chehaw Park may also need to be named as Additional Insured, if applicable. Food vendors fees will be determined based on size of unit.
  • Applications should be received by August 1st for November show.
  • Applications may be submitted electronically or mailed via USPS.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered in order to fill any cancellations.
  • There are no application fees
  • Applications selected will receive notification of acceptance via email. Contracts will be sent at time of acceptance. Send no money with application.
  • Person named in contract must be present both full days of the event.
  • Arts and Craft items offered for sale must be made by the applicant.
  • Original art must meet or exceed 50% of offering. Prints are permitted, but may not exceed 50% of offering.
  • General liability is required for all children's activities. Chehaw Park must be named as Additional Insured, and a copy must be sent to our office after application acceptance.
  • 4 photographs will be required. Additional photos may be requested before approval during jury process.
    • One photo of applicant working on art or craft. Must include applicant and work in progress.
    • Two close up photos of products to be sold
    • One close up photo of booth, as will be displayed.

Additional Information

  • The event will be held on grassy/dirt areas under or near trees. The grounds may be uneven. Single booth price $125, Double booth price $200. Electricity is limited, but can be provided if possible.
  • Sell only the juried items listed in your Contract.
  • Each exhibitor is responsible for collecting, and reporting 7% sales tax to Georgia State Revenue Commission
  • Tents may not have guy lines. All tents must be securely weighted.
  • Tent sizes should not exceed 10'00” x 10'00” for a single space, or 10'00” x 20'00” for a double space.
  • Display tables must be covered/skirted.
  • Discounted, marked down, or reduced signs will not be allowed.
  • Unload/Load booth items during set-up and after closing
  • RV parking is limited, but available. Reservation requests can be made on your Contract.
  • Overnight security will be provided
  • No pets allowed during event
  • Exhibitors are to provide all display props, lights, tables, chairs, tools and equipment necessary to assemble booth.

Interested in becoming a vendor? If so, fill out our Vendor Application.

Muckalee Creek Arts & Crafts Show