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Trenton Tye is a 20 year veteran of the blacksmith and demonstration world. He got his first taste of the craft when he was seven years old, watching a blacksmith work in Andersonville, Georgia. Many years later he would come back to the same forge and apprentice to the man he watched all those years ago, one Jay Reakirt. Jay and Trent would travel and demonstrate all across the Southern US until Jay's untimely passing in 2003. Since then, Trent has gone on to keep the forge burning hot by showing at major shows all over the country, teaching the craft, and generally making a spectacle of himself. Trent also has competed on the History Channel series "Forged in Fire" and currently is a host for the Discovery Channel's upcoming crafting competition show.

Saturday, Nov 2

Sunday, Nov 3

Muckalee Creek Arts & Crafts Show