About Us

Chehaw is driven by its mission of inspiring people to connect with nature and encouraging conservation action through positive recreational and educational experiences. The Park, founded close to eight decades ago, has expanded to an 800 acre campus and includes a Zoo that houses hundreds of animals in naturalistic exhibits and annually hosts over 100,000 visitors. From the Zoo to the endless recreational opportunities, Chehaw has an activity for every visitor. Come see what nature’s playground has to offer you!

Chehaw Park Authority

The Chehaw Park Authority

The Chehaw Park Authority was created by the Georgia Legislature in April, 1979 to operate and manage Chehaw Park. This board consists of nine members that are appointed by the Board of Commissioners of the City of Albany. The Authority is considered a “public corporation and instrumentality of the State of Georgia” that is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and expansion of the Park. Although the Authority holds title, the property is only to be used for the benefit of the public and for governmental purposes. It meets at Chehaw on the third Monday of every month in an open meeting setting.


Chehaw Park Foundation

The Chehaw Park Foundation

The Chehaw Park Foundation was created by the Chehaw Park Authority in 2006. Its purpose is to serve as the non-profit, fundraising arm of the Authority. This twelve member board consists of the nine Authority members along with three at-large members. The Foundation meets on an as-needed basis but not less than once a year.