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Lygodactylus conraui

Cameroon Dwarf Gecko - Lygodactylus conraui (Captive Bred)

Cameroon dwarf geckos (Lygodactylus conraui) are a small species that hails from Cameroon and surrounding countries. These arboreal geckos are small and fast.

Juveniles tend to be brown in color with a conspicuously red tail. When they reach adulthood, they become a beautiful combination of a yellow head and tail with a light blue body. They also have two rows of small white circles which descend down their backs. Males tend to exhibit brighter colors than females.

These small geckos only reach 2-2.5 inches as adults.

Cameroon dwarf geckos can be sexed by dimorphism in coloration: males tend to be brighter in color, while females are dull and may retain their brownish color characteristic of juveniles.