The Zoo at Chehaw is home to 234 specimens representing over 73 different species. Enjoy natural, outdoor exhibits including Cheetahs, Black Rhinoceros’, Meerkats, Black Bears, Alligators, and many more, while you stroll through our scenic boardwalks and cypress swamp. Participate in animal feedings and keeper talks every weekend. Chehaw’s African Veldt Ride is free with admission, and will take you through our largest exhibit where seven different species roam in natural herds. The Zoo at Chehaw undergoes regular, thorough investigation to ensure that it has met, and will to continue to meet, ever-rising standards. These standards encompass animal care, veterinary programs, conservation, education, and safety. 

Gallus gallus

Red junglefowl

The domestic chicken is the most common bird in the world. In 2003, there were an estimated at 24 billion chickens worldwide, most of them raised for meat and eggs. Some of the fancier varieties, however, are bred for their plumage or for other showy features.

The more than 150 breeds and varieties of domestic chickens known today are thought to have descended from the red jungle fowl of Asia, where they still exist in the wild. Experts think chickens were first domesticated thousands of years ago for cockfighting rather than for food.

Chickens eat a wide variety of foods, including insects, worms, fruit, seeds, acorns, grains, and snails. Their well-developed gizzard (a part of the stomach that contains tiny stones) grinds up their food so they can digest it.